OUR MISSION is to strive for community, creativity, and ecological thoughtfulness in order to reimagine artists conduct commerce from Africa & the Middle East to the world


In 2018, where Ouafra’s founder had started his first e-commerce website that was selling handmade goods, and where he had sourced most of his products from local suppliers, and by doing so he got inspired to build something that had never existed before within Africa & MENA regions: an online marketplace to connect makers with their creations and shoppers that are looking for unique goods from Africa and the Middle East.

We’ve since been steady growing with our sellers of dozens maybe thousands of parcels heading from our sellers basements to customers across Africa & the Middle East each day.

Our Heritage & Products..

We are up on growing a collection from Ouafra’s finds, and will be constantly promoting and searching all year round for creative finds from around Africa & the Middle East. We also invite foreign sellers to take part in this since our product development team is only duty to identify those potential products within our platform.

Every design we take incorporates elements of imagination. We search for products that

Our Sellers

Every product we have within the platform matters to us, and there’s a story behind it to catch, we always wish to know how it’s created, who is making it, and the process which did contribute to the finished layout. we'll be able to work with hundreds of makers, and we're proud to represent & offer independent creators a place to showcase their work.

Heritage To Shapen the Future

We’re building a sustainable business for short & the long term.