How do payouts work at Ouafra? 

So you recently sold some awesome stuff on Ouafra. Good for you! Now, you’re probably wondering how and when we’re going to show you the money. This should answer your questions.

Payouts happen every Tuesday

Whatever the situation is. Each Tuesday you’ll be paid out for all orders placed  up to midnight on the preceding Thursday. If a public holiday falls on a Tuesday, you will be paid out on the Wednesday. If by some happy accident both Tuesday and Wednesday are public holidays, you will be paid out on Thursday, but bear in mind that it may take a day or two to reflect in your bank account.

OK, but when exactly will the money be in my account?

We submit the bulk payment data manually, so you may receive the notification email anytime throughout the Tuesday. However the actual payments are done at 2:30pm. If you’re banking with Bank of Africa you should see the funds reflect sometime after 2:30pm on Tuesday. If you’re with a different bank, then the money should reflect in your account by Wednesday morning (add another business day to the process if there was a public holiday on Tuesday or Wednesday).

Why aren’t I paid for sales immediately?

There’s two reasons why we keep at least 2 – 3 business day hold on all payments, the first is that it gives us time to ensure that the payment wasn’t fraudulent, the second is that the payment processor that we deal with, itself has a delay from the time a customer places an order and when the money is received in our accounts and available to be paid out.

Could you rather pay me out at the end of the month in one go?

At the moment, no. Though we will be able to have something like that in the future and will mail all of our designers when that system is in place.

My policy is to hold shipment on orders until I’ve received full payment

While we completely understand where you’re coming from in terms of not wanting to ship until payment is made, this is against our policies as it creates an unnecessary delay to customers getting their parcel. We can adjust your payout schedule so that you’ll be paid out more frequently rather than waiting until Tuesday and ensure you get paid out in the shortest possible time, but even this will still be at least three business days (and then a fourth for the money to be available in your account). The extra four days provides a very poor customer experience and we still expect you to ship as soon as the order is ready.

If you’re unwilling or unable to change your processes to accommodate these requirements send us a mail and we can deactivate your shop for you.

Oups! I put in the wrong banking details. What’s going to happen to my payout?

We’ve got quite a few checks and balances in place to make sure that nothing goes astray, so rest assured that your money will always find its way to you. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that your banking details are correct. If we’re notified that your banking details are incompatible, or a payment has bounced, we will notify you, and your payout will be held until the following Tuesday.

Why do you send me notifications from Ouafra and not from the bank?

Two reasons. First, sending those notifications costs money, and we’re all about keeping costs as low as possible. That’s how we keep our rates low, and fair, which is good for you guys. Second, there’s no real added level of security to a banking notification – they are easily imitated, and at the end of the day, the only real way to know you’ve been paid is to actually see the money in your account.

My payout is 5 Dhs short!

The 5 Dhs is a per-payout fee we charge to cover our costs – we mention it on our Sell or FAQ page. It’s only charged once per payout though – so, if you make several sales in a week, you’ll only be charged the payout fee once. If you make no sales you won’t be charged at all.